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Red and Black X's Leggings

Red and Black X's Leggings

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Embrace the bold and striking appeal of our Red and Black X's Leggings. Designed to make a statement, these leggings feature an all-over design that combines red and black X's, adding a touch of edginess to your outfit.


- The high waistband offers a comfortable fit, providing support and ensuring the leggings stay in place throughout the day.
- With a true-to-size fit, you can confidently choose your regular size for a perfect fit.


Crafted from a soft Lycra fabric blend, our Red and Black X's Leggings provide both comfort and durability. The fabric consists of 88% soft polyester and 12% spandex, offering a gentle and flexible feel against your skin. For easy care, simply machine wash the leggings in cold or warm water.


We take pride in creating our Red and Black X's Leggings with meticulous attention to detail. Each pair is proudly handmade in the USA, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and a product you can rely on.


Choose the perfect fit for your body shape with our comprehensive size range:

- XXS: Waist 23.5" | Hip 33-34.5"
- XS: Waist 24.5" | Hip 35-36"
- S: Waist 25-26" | Hip 37-38"
- M: Waist 27-28" | Hip 39-40"
- L: Waist 29-30" | Hip 41-43"
- XL: Waist 31-34" | Hip 44-45"
- 2XL: Waist 35-38" | Hip 46-48"
- 3XL: Waist 39-42" | Hip 49-51"

To find your ideal fit, choose the size that corresponds to your waist and hip measurements. Elevate your style with our Red and Black X's Leggings and make a bold fashion statement wherever you go. Designed and made with care in the USA, these leggings offer both comfort and style for an unforgettable look.
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